Embracing the era of blue light

BluTech's mission is twofold: to protect long-term eye and overall health and to educate professionals and consumers alike about embracing the era of blue light.

"Blue light protection is all we do"
Alicia - Founder eyewear brand

BluTech began its journey in 2010

BluTech began its journey into the world of blue light back in 2010, well before blue light became a popular topic.

Our founder recognized early on the potential harm of blue light to our eyes and made it our mission to develop a clear lens that would safeguard our eyes and overall health from its harmful effects.

We launched the first BluTech lens in 2012

After extensive testing with over fifty doctor's offices, we launched the first BluTech lens in 2012. Since then, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in providing solutions for harmful light.

Our commitment to advancing and enhancing protection against harmful light is backed by ongoing research in partnership with top universities and leading doctors in the industry.

Ever evolving and doctor endorsed.

However, our work goes beyond creating industry-leading blue light lenses.

With over three thousand hours of doctor education, we are also renowned for our efforts in providing continued education for ophthalmologists and opticians.

We focus solely on harmful light solutions

We focus solely on harmful light solutions, positioning BluTech as the most innovative brand for blue light protection in the market.

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