Improve your child’s academic performance, see true colors

An optimal learning environment requires proper visual acuity. In the case of students, eye and brain protection are crucial for success.

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Helping children stay focused throughout the day and improve their sleep at night.

children's eyes are still developing, so their filter is less effective than adults

How does blue light impact children and students?

Children and students spend hours in front of artificial blue light every day, which disrupts their sleep, eye health, and working memory performance. Excessive screen time can harm young eyes and brains, decreasing academic performance and well-being.

Side effects of blue light

  • Digital eye strains
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Disturbed sleep cycles
  • Productivity downfall
  • Blurry vision, irritated eyes

Wearing BluTech lenses

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces fatigue
  • 100% UV protection
  • True color perception
  • Doctor endorsed
*as demonstrated by studies that are considered statistically relevant, credible in content and evaluation methods.

Set your child up for success

how to improve child academic performance - improved sleep quality

Improved sleep quality

When students use BluTech lenses while watching TV or using digital devices before bedtime, it improves their sleep quality and helps them feel more rested the following day.

how to improve child academic performance - stay focused for longer

Stay focused for longer

Wearing BluTech lenses during the day also helps protect children's eyes from harmful light and reduces visual fatigue, allowing them to stay focused for longer. Ultimately, wearing our lenses benefits their overall learning abilities.

how to improve child academic performance
Josie C.
College student

“I am a college student and do a lot of work on my laptop and phone. My eyes were often tired and red by the end of the day, and I regularly had headaches. I had trouble falling asleep at night and was tossing and turning throughout the night.

After wearing BluTech lenses, my eyes started to feel more rested and are visibly less red and tired. My headaches diminished after the first week of wearing them. I am finally falling asleep more easily and stay asleep throughout the night.”

how to improve child academic performance
Renee K.
Mother of Dylan

“I am delighted that we have found BluTech and a simple solution to my sons sleeping problems. It makes for a more restful night for all of our family!”

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Non-Prescription and RX Lens Manufacturing for Children and Students
Bulk Lens Manufacturing
Custom Solutions Provider

I would like additional information on how BluTech lenses can improve my child/student’s academic performance.

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BluTech is well versed on the creation of custom lens collections and production of bulk volumes, delivered to a location of your choice or edged and finished to your specifications.

Together with you we define performance, technical features, material specifications and finishing coatings to develop a custom solution that meets the needs of your brand.

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Do you like our solutions and want to implement them in your lenses, visors, etc?

BluTech is a trusted partner in harmful light solutions to market leading manufacturers of optical appliances.

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