Your trusted partner in harmful light solutions

BluTech's mission is twofold: to protect long-term eye and overall health and to educate professionals and consumers alike about embracing the era of blue light.

Ever evolving and doctor endorsed.

Our continuous research to evolve and improve harmful light protection is conducted in collaboration with top universities and industry-leading doctors.

Harmful light solutions are all we do, making BluTech the most innovative brand in blue light protection on the market.

Prescription lens manufacturing for eye care practices.

BluTech has a large stock of finished and semi-finished lenses readily available to be sent to the RX lab of your choice or completed by one of our partner labs.

The lenses can be finished in plano, readers, full RX, and progressive and are available in a variety of materials.

Contact our dedicated customer service team to request price details and product specifications.

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BluTech is more than a supplier.
They proactively bring us new lens technology and market insights to help stay us ahead of the curve.
Alicia - Founder eyewear brand

Bulk or Just-In-Time lens manufacturing for eyewear brands or private labels.

BluTech is well versed in creating custom lens collections and production of bulk volumes, delivered to a location of your choice or edged and finished to your specifications.

Together with you, we analyze performance, technical features, material options, and finishing coatings to select the right lens assortment for you or to develop a custom solution that meets your brand's needs.

How can we help you?
BluTech offers better terms than most other suppliers. Affordable prices, extended payment terms, fast lead times, and premium quality control have made them a valuable partner in growing our business.
Michael - Chief Product Officer

Custom solutions provider

Do you like our solutions and want to implement them in your own lenses, visors,… ? BluTech is a trusted partner in harmful light solutions to market leading manufacturers of optical appliances.

How can we help you?