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An optimal business environment requires proper visual acuity. In the case of career professionals, eye protection is crucial for success.

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Excessive use of digital devices can lead to eye strain, tiredness, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Blue light from screens can potentially harm the retina in the long run.

How does blue light impact business professionals?

Business professionals spend hours in front of artificial blue light every day, which disrupts their sleep, eye health, and working memory performance. Excessive screen time can harm the eyes and brain, decreasing job performance and well-being.

Side effects of blue light

  • Digital eyestrain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Disturbed sleep cycles
  • Productivity downfall
  • Blurry vision, irritated eyes

Wearing BluTech lenses

  • True color perception
  • Reduces fatigues
  • Reduce headaches
  • Improves sleep
*as demonstrated by studies that are considered statistically relevant, credible in content and evaluation methods.

Set yourself up for career success

improving work performance - digital screen solutions

Digital screen solutions

We live in a world filled with digital screens; on average, we spend almost nine hours a day looking at them. This excessive use of digital devices can lead to eye strain, tiredness, and disrupted sleep patterns. Blue light from screens can potentially harm the retina in the long run.

BluTech lens solutions help protect against the constant exposure to harsh blue light. For those working four + hours daily on a computer, BluTech lenses should be a part of your daily essentials.

improving work performance - bright workspace solutions

Bright workspace solutions

Constant exposure to bright LED light throughout the day can negatively affect our ability to focus and stay alert, which affects our productivity at work. Spending long hours in brightly lit environments can cause dryness in our eyes, visual stress, and even headaches.

BluTech lenses offer protection from these issues and can benefit a wide range of occupations, including commercial drivers, office workers, safety professionals, hospital staff, gaming enthusiasts, and many others.

improving work performance - tested and demonstrated

Tested and demonstrated

A large-scale workplace study shows:‍‍‍

  • a significant improvement in focus and alertness when wearing BluTech lenses during the day
  • increased workplace productivity for office workers and vehicle drivers
Ray C.
Supply chain analyst

“I’ve been in front of the computer for 8 hours a day for the last 25 years, and my eyes have really taken a beating. Recently, I started wearing BluTech lenses and I’m in love with the difference!

My eyes are more relaxed as I look at the screen, there’s no glare, all the colors on my monitor look perfectly normal, and my eyes are nowhere near as tired as they used to be at the end of a workday. “

improving work performance
improving work performance
Megan R.
Hospital nurse

“I have been really impressed with my BluTech Max lenses! The lens color is subtle enough that I can wear them at the hospital during a shift to help with the brightness of the fluorescent lights and they are great when you still have to go about your day despite a migraine attack.

I give them a two thumbs up! If you have migraines, I highly recommend these lenses!

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BluTech is well versed on the creation of custom lens collections and production of bulk volumes, delivered to a location of your choice or edged and finished to your specifications.

Together with you we define performance, technical features, material specifications and finishing coatings to develop a custom solution that meets the needs of your brand.

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